We are happy to welcome two new colleagues, Bjørn Christian Halvorsen (right) and John Magne Gitmark (left) to the Kjeller Vindteknikk and Norconsult team!

Bjørn Christian is a mechanical engineer who during the last couple of years has been working as a firefighter at Indre Østfold Brann og Redning (Search and Rescue services). The field team at Kjeller Vindteknikk will now be strengthened by him.

John Magne has a master in Mechanical Engineering and left his most recent job as R&D Manager and Engineer at Teknotherm Marine to join us. He will work with both the field team and the analysis team at Kjeller Vindteknikk.

What brought you to Kjeller Vindteknikk and Norconsult?

“The excitement of working out in the open air with everything from helicopter mounting masts to being involved in the important work on wind and renewable energy,” Bjørn Christian says.

“For me, it was the good reputation of the company. I wanted to develop together with the best in its field,” says John Magne.

What do you look forward the most about working here?

“I am very much looking forward to learning more about wind energy and measurement technology,” Bjørn Christian continues, “at the same time I want to contribute and be a resource in a skilled professional environment and be ready for future challenges”.

“Most of all, I am looking forward to be working within an interesting industry where high quality and special expertise are the main focus points,” John Magne says.

Welcome to the team!