Wind Measurements

Measurements on site are important to ensure the wind farm development has the expected wind climate. We have a long track record of installation, operation, maintenance and monitoring of wind measurement devices such as Masts, Lidars and Sodars.

Measurement Strategy

A clear and well thought through wind measurement campaign strategy providing a plan for measurement device/s deployment across the site will decrease uncertainties in an energy yield assessment and increase cost effectiveness.

Measurement masts

Since 1998 we have designed and delivered bankable turn-key measurement campaigns for planned wind farm projects. We can take care of the complete process from permit application to operation and monitoring until decommissioning depending on the needs.

All masts installed by us comply with the latest international standards and best practices such as IEC 61400-12:2017 Ed 2.0.

We have experience from more than 250 measurement stations in Norway, Sweden, and Finland in addition to several projects outside Scandinavia, from Svalbard to Antarctica. The technical availability from the top sensors of the masts we are operating was 97% for 2018.

We install tubular- and lattice masts, and have made installations in existing telecom masts. To ensure a minimum of influence by surrounding structures it is recommended to use masts specifically designed for wind measurements.

Our field group has long experience from building and installing met masts, and from installing and operating wind measurement equipment. We highly prioritize HES and our personnel are skilled and certified mast climbers.

Remote Sensing

We have also worked extensively with LIDARs and SODARs. Since 2009 we have offered turn-key measurement campaigns of ground based LIDARs. We have experience with scanning and profiling LIDARs from Leosphere (Windcube, Windcube400s V2.0), ZephIR LIDARs and SODARs from AQSystems as well as the support and operation of the devices.  We also provide services for devices owned by our customers.

Expertise in measurements in icing climates

For wind farms in cold climates, production losses due to icing may increase the uncertainty for the wind energy yield.

Kjeller has experience in installing mast and measuring devices in cold climate sites with the aim of maximizing the yield while still maintaining a high quality of the measurements. We can propose suitable heating setups depending on the location and the potential icing expected.

In addition, we have many years of experience with measurements of ice with a variety of ice sensors.