Urban Planning

In a process of planning a new building, block or a whole neighborhood it is of great importance for the people that are staying in and around the area find it sustainable and attractive. Everyone from private persons and local businesses to tourists and people driving through would have to be taken into consideration in such a process. Kjeller Vindteknikk has several years of experience with assisting in projects and inquiries regarding city planning and landscape architecture.

We have developed close relations with architect bureaus and project developers and can assist with support and expert knowledge I every unique case. We are using state-of-the-art methods and research in all of our analyses. A selection of the service that we provide within this area is:


Climate analysis 

Through our climate reports, we are able to deliver accurate estimates of the on site climate conditions. Wind, sun, precipitation and ice are all areas that we are dealing with. Our reports can for example be used in strength and stress calculations, evaluation of wind and solar resource evaluations and the outflow of water during extreme precipitation in an area.

Picture of Bjørvika, Oslo, Norway, with the proposal that was presented for the competition (plan-ouch designtävlingen för Deichmanaksen och Munch-området 2009.)(HERREROS ARQUITECTOS/LUND HAGEM ARKITEKTER/ATELIER OSLO/MIR). The picture illustrates a sample of wind flows that would be present in the proposed area.

Wind comfort 

The concept of wind comfort or Pedestrian wind comfort includes the description of the wind climate in an area where the focus is directed towards the surroundings. How the wind flows in an urban area is strongly dependent of how the area is designed and how the buildings are placed. In our work, we use computational fluid dynamic models (CFD) combined with comfort criteria in order to present a detailed wind comfort study for the built area. It gives you a possibility to at an early stage of the project get an understanding of the wind conditions which gives support to the planning process in form of the evaluation of alternative designs of the area and placement of wind shelters, trees and other actions of prevention. We are naturally able to present the results by your demands, i.e. per season or specific hours of the day.

The picture shows the variation of the mean wind for a planned neighborhood.