PCPA – Post-Contruction Production Assessment

Kjeller has years of experience in evaluating wind farms after they have been put into operation and has developed a tools for this purpose that we call ProdBase and ProdOptimize.

The reason for wanting to investigate the production from a wind farm can differ, from the need to have a third party report before divestment, to wanting to investigate if the turbines are producing as they should.

ProdOptimize and ProdBase are in fact both tools and processes for analysing SCADA data, and depending on your needs, can also include measurements from remote sensing devices or measurement masts, with the aim of follow-up of energy production of your wind farm, finding any deviations the wind turbines’ performance and investigate possible optimization needs. The results may be used in the re-assessment of the wind farm’s expected production, and as a basis for the definition of optimization measures.

If you suspect your wind farm is underperforming, we can carry out a Post Production Assessment using our tools to look into this. There can be several explanations to why a wind farm is producing less energy than expected, for example wrong parameter settings in the turbine regulation system is a typical example of this. Mitigating the errors and optimizing the wind farm’s performance will result in an increase in the return of investment.

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