We work with several different wind measurement devices, such as wind measurement masts, remote sensing devices and also wind measurement sensor that can be located directly on structures for wind construction purposes. Our services cover everything from permit application and installation, operation, service & monitoring to final decommissioning of the instrumentation.

Wind Energy

The combination of our experience in wind measurement with our expertise in meteorology, fluid dynamics and statistics allows us to provide high quality studies for wind power projects and civil engineering projects. Our services cover all the stages of the development of a wind power, from Energy Yield Assessments, Icing Loss Assessments and WTG Contract Support prior to investment to post-construction analyses and forecasting once the wind farm is operational.

Wind Engineering

Kjeller Vindteknikk provides a number of services focused on wind & weather modelling as well as measurements for a range of different industries, such as construction, telecommunications, grid companies, insurance companies and airports. The services we provide can for example be used to improve urban planning, increase efficiency in construction work, inform design of different structures.


Kjeller Vindteknikk participates in several national and international R&D projects. Our staff consists of meteorologists, physicists and engineers with broad experience and research competence. Our research activities strengthen our competence and our capabilities within the consultancy services. Through the R&D activities we also broaden our network within the international wind power community.