Preliminary Wind Energy Analysis

A preliminary wind analysis can be carried out using KVT mesoscale weather model to provide an initial estimation of the wind speed regime across the site and is useful if there are no reliable wind measurements on site.  

Kjeller have our own WRF (Weather Research and Forecast) model. This is then extrapolated to the wind farm area using in house developed statistical models or linear/CFD model depending on the complexity of the site.

This initial analysis can inform the placement of future measurement devices as well as potential turbine locations across the site for an environmental impact assessment and permit application.

Note that a pre-analysis should be used as an early stage analysis primarily for internal decisions and is not suitable for financing since the uncertainty level in the estimated production is relatively high. On-site wind measurements are generally needed in order to reduce the uncertainty, bringing the project to a bankable level.

This analysis can be provided with or without energy estimation.