IceTroll – Ice Density Measurement Tool

The IceTroll density measurement tool is suitable for:

  • predicting the density of ice buildup
  • ice detection on power lines

The IceTroll is a patented solution!


The IceTroll icing sensor is a device used to measure ice accumulation for various pur-poses. It can be used for load monitoring on power lines, bridges and other structures sensitive to ice loads. It can also be used to measure ice accumulation on wind tur-bines, to improve the accuracy of the de-icing system and to provide valuable infor-mation regarding the risk for ice throw.
IceTroll is designed according to the ISO:12494 specification “Atmospheric icing of structures”. It can measure icing loads from 0-100 kg/m on a standard cylinder. The IceTroll is patented by Kjeller Vindteknikk.

Measuring range 0 – 100 kg
Measuring accuracy 100 g
Sensor rod diameter 30 mm
Operating temp. range -30 to +50 °C
Power consumption 55 W
Variable rot. speed 0 – 25 rpm
Power supply 24 VDC
Output signal 4-20 mA
Connection 6-pole plug connection for shielded cable in the housing
Mounting Mounted on boom 75×75 mm
Dimensions Height 165 cm Width 22 cm
Weight 15 kg