Kjeller Vindteknikk (KVT) recently installed its first air quality measurement station in Vollaparken, in the heart of Lillestrøm, not far from our head office. The station is performing operative measurements of nitrogen oxides and particles. The data are available to the public in near real-time at Lillestrøm Kommune – Målt luftkvalitet.

“This is a natural step for Kjeller as it combines skills within measurement technology, data handling and meteorology. We are ready to deploy these services to other municipalities and see the communal benefit of increased air quality monitoring.” Says Kyler White, Field Measurement Leader.

The technical staff from KVT installed the system according to the national requirements and are responsible for the ongoing operation. The KVT analysis team will provide assessment of measurements, including a comparison of the levels with Norwegian Air Quality Standards and Public Health Recommendations.

«High levels of air pollutants are a potential risk for the public health. We are happy to contributing to improved assessments of air quality for the local authorities here in Lillestrøm” Kyler White, Field Measurement Leader.