Finnish state-owned enterprise Metsähallitus has chosen Kjeller Vindteknikk as their preferred partner based on a thorough tendering process for measuring the wind conditions at two planned wind farm sites in Finland with total capacity exceeding 1500 MW.
The focus of the tender process was on receiving high quality proposals at competitive prices. One important goal for Metsähallitus is to be able conduct the best quality wind measurements in all of Finland to minimize uncertainties related to wind farm Annual Energy Production (AEP) estimates.

Offshore wind farm Korsnäs

On the west coast of Finland, the large offshore Korsnäs wind farm is planned to be at least 1300 MW in rated capacity which is a huge portion of the current cumulative wind energy capacity of 3300 MW in Finland by the end of year 2021. Wind measurements are performed with one 174 m high meteorological mast at the island of Bergö and with one Lidar device on the lighthouse island of Stömmingsbådan 20 km offshore from Bergö. The mast measurement has started in December 2021 and Lidar mast validation measurements are planned to start in March 2022 and final lidar installation offshore to take place in June 2022.

Onshore wind farm Simo

In Northern Finland, the onshore Simo wind farm is planned to have up to 45 wind turbines and up to 450 MW rated capacity. The wind measurements are already ongoing and are designed for next generation large turbines. The measurements are conducted using 2 x 174 m high meteorological masts and two supporting Sodar devices.

“We are very happy to support Metsähallitus with a joint vision to transform Finland to the world’s first carbon-neutral society by 2035. With Kjeller’s almost 25-year wind energy experience in Nordics, we believe that our versatile expertise of phd level analysis skills combined with practical hands-on technical expertise on measurements are the secrets to successful wind campaigns in Finland also in the future.” says Ville Lehtomäki, Managing Director at Kjeller Vindteknikk Oy.

Metsähallitus is a state-owned enterprise that produces environmental services for a diverse customer base; ranging from private individuals to major companies. Metsähallitus creates value from state-owned land and waters by managing and protecting the areas sustainably and reconciling the different goals of owners, customers and other stakeholders.
Metsähallitus plays an important role in achieving “fossil-free welfare society by 2035” goal as it is possible to build a significant number of wind power plants in state-owned areas that it manages. Metsähallitus has extensive experience of wind power project development and is involved in more than 10% of the wind power capacity constructed in Finland up to the end of 2020.

For more information on wind measurements, please contact:

Ola Kaas Eriksen,

Ville Lehtomäki,

Andreas Johansson,