The skyline of Gothenburg is changing. Construction company Serneke is responsible for the construction of Karlatornet and will once fully constructed, be the tallest building in the Nordic countries and have a height of 245m distributed on 73 levels. Kjeller Vindteknikk has been conducting wind measurements from the top of the main construction crane since 2019. The construction process is sensitive to strong winds due to the high construction heights. Wind measurements and related wind forecasting has therefore been utilized as help for planning and optimizing the crane works and associated logistic flow. We have this year extended the wind measurements by installing additional wind sensors along the main construction elevator. We installed the 2nd out of in total 3 additional wind sensors on 1st of June at about 130 m height. The purpose with these sensors along the construction elevator is also to be able to conduct live monitoring of the wind, in order to secure the safest and most efficient operation possible. All the wind measurements are made accessible to the operators live together with a 7 day forecast in our customized MetLive system. This service is utilized daily by Serneke as at input to the operational construction and logistics planning.

“Access to live wind measurements and wind forecasting has served as a very useful tool for us during the construction of Karlatornet and we are looking forward to continue the collaboration with Kjeller Vindteknikk throughout the rest of the construction period of Karlatornet” – Julia Hope, Construction Superintendent, Serneke Sverige AB.

More information about Serneke and Karlatornet can be found on this link:

Karlatornet – Göteborgs första skyskrapa | Serneke Bostad

Wind measurements at main crane and construction elevator.

Wind forecasting in our customized MetLive system