Photo: Solar measurement installation at the test site at Gålå (Norway) 

For the next year, we will conduct a R&D project to understand solar energy production in winter climates. Together with Gudbrandsdal Energy Fornybar, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Skåbu Tradisjonsbygg and Gålå Eiendom, we will investigate topics such as bifacial gain, snow cover, Global Horizontal Irradiance to Plane of Array irradiance, vertical panels, effect of measurement campaigns and maintenance. The outcome will be directly applied in current projects such as Kile solar farm and solar energy for cabins located in mountainous regions. The research will help us to understand considerations in solar energy projects.

The research will be based on the current test site at Gålå (Testsenter for solkraft på Gålå), where additional instruments will be installed. Kjeller Vindteknikk will be in charge of the installation and data collection. The Gålå test site is a unique setup at roughly 1000 meters above sea level, representing a harsh winter climate.

The R&D project is made possible through the Regionale Forskningsfond Innlandet ( supporting important research for local companies.

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