Solar Measurements

Measurements on site are important to ensure the solar farm development has the expected solar resources and climatic conditions. We have a long track record of installation, operation, maintenance and monitoring of measurement devices which we are ready to apply to your project.


Measurement strategy

A clear and well thought through solar measurement campaign strategy providing a plan for measurement device/s deployment across the site will decrease uncertainties in an energy yield assessment and increase cost effectiveness.


Kjeller Vindteknikk has long experience of delivering bankable turn-key measurement campaigns. We can take care of the complete process from potential permit application to operation and monitoring until decommissioning depending on the needs. We highly prioritize HSE and our field group personnel consists of skilled and experienced technicians.


Expertise in measurements in cold climate

For solar energy plants in cold climates, production losses due to icing and snow may increase the uncertainty for the solar energy yield.


Kjeller Vindteknikk has experience in installing measuring devices in cold climate sites with the aim of maximizing the yield while still maintaining a high quality of the measurements. We can propose suitable heating setups depending on the location and the potential icing expected.


In addition, we have many years of experience with measurements of ice with a variety of ice sensors.