Our two new colleagues: Bjørn Christian to the left and Daniel to the right.


Last month, we got 2 new employees in our Norwegian measurement department: Bjørn Christian and Daniel!
Bjørn Christian has previously worked at KVT and we are happy for his return after a couple of years in a different industrial sector. Daniel has a broad experience as an electrical engineer and will be a strong contribution to the team.
What brought you to Kjeller Vindteknikk?
Bjørn Christian, who is familiar with KVT: “I missed my great colleagues and the good culture at KVT. In addition, KVT has a good balance between advisory, product development and research projects”, he continues.
Daniel: “KVT seems to offer interesting and various working tasks, where I already have good knowledge, and at the same time can learn a lot of exciting things from highly skilled colleagues. I also live close by, so it is also very convenient”, says Daniel.
What are your expectations towards working at Kjeller Vindteknikk?
“Now, with additional experience, I am looking forward to contribute to a more wide range of projects with more complexity”, Bjørn Christian says.
“I expect interesting and various workdays, and also to benefit to the society”, Daniel says, and round it up with: “It seems like a fun and exciting job”.
You have been here a few weeks already, what is your experience so far?
Bjørn Christian thinks that it has been great to get back to good variations, including nice field trips and interesting project planning. “It was positive to socially re-enter the team, and great to be able to dive directly into the known work tasks”, says Bjørn Christian.
Daniel says: “I have already been well included socially in the team”. “I also got a kick-start where I have learned a lot, as well as contributed with my knowledge. I have also already faced exciting challenges, both mentally and physically”, Daniel continues.
Welcome to the team Bjørn Christian and Daniel!