Finnish state-owned enterprise Metsähallitus has chosen Kjeller Vindteknikk as their preferred partner based on a tendering process for measuring the wind conditions at the planned Korsnäs offshore wind farm in Finland.

One important goal for Metsähallitus is to be able conduct the best quality wind measurements in Korsnäs to minimize uncertainties related to wind farm Annual Energy Production (AEP) estimates.

Located on the west coast of Finland, the wind measurements are performed at two locations:

  1. one Lidar device on the lighthouse island of Strömmingsbådan 20 km offshore from Bergö and
  2. with one 174 m high meteorological mast at the island of Bergö

Transport of all lidar equipment to the lighthouse island was planned carefully and performed during a beautiful summer day. A large battery bank backed-up with solar panels and generator ensures continuous lidar operation also in the challenging and long winter season when the sea is frozen during which the lidar cannot be easily accessed.

Off-loading all equipment from transport vessel to lighthouse island

The lidar installation was completed during one working day and the measurement campaign is planned for the next 16 months in order to understand the wind resource for the project area better.

Lidar installation complete: (left) mobile power supply, (bottom) solar panels and (right) lidar

For more information on wind measurements, please contact Ville Lehtomäki or Ola Kaas Eriksen,