We have a new department leader – Sedsel Fretheim Thomassen!


After Lars Tallhaug left our department about a year ago, we have been in search of a new department leader. The role has now been filled, and we are excited to welcome Sedsel to Kjeller Vindteknikk. She has extensive leadership experience, with her last 4,5 years from Kongsberg. But, as Sedsel herself told us when she joined our autumn gathering, a CV can only paint part of the picture. We are excited to get to know her and will give her a warm welcome to our department.


What brought you to Kjeller Vindteknikk?

“I have always been interested in renewable energy and the physics behind the technologies. Working with knowledge and/or technology which ensure a healthy and sustainable environment for coming generations is key for my motivation. I also find it highly motivating to work with colleagues with top notch competence within their field of expertise. KVT certainly ticks of both boxes! ”, says Sedsel.


What are your expectations towards working at Kjeller Vindteknikk?

“I have high expectations. I expect to learn a lot, work together with extremely skilled colleagues and together with them bring KVT to an even brighter future – and have great fun while doing it! ”, Sedsel says.


Welcome to the team Sedsel!