We have a new employee in Sweden – Christoffer Hallgren!

Christoffer is joining our analysis team in Sweden, and is working from Uppsala.


What brought you to Kjeller Vindteknikk?

Green energy transition is close to my heart, and being a meteorologist focusing on wind power, I felt that Kjeller Vindteknikk is the perfect match for me. At Kjeller, I get both the possibility to help clients investigate the wind resource, and a chance for me to dive deeper into my understanding of how the atmosphere works.


What are your expectations towards working at Kjeller Vindteknikk?

Being here for one and a half months now, I can say that my expectations have already been exceeded when it comes to the variation of projects! So far, I’ve been involved in energy yield assessments, sodar and met mast validation, production losses due to icing for offshore wind farms, and investigating trends in icing losses under climate change. On top of that, the colleagues are amazing and very experienced!


You have just recently published your thesis, could you summarize your findings in a few sentences.

During my PhD I studied the wind conditions over the Baltic Sea, with wind power applications in mind. There are many special wind phenomena that are frequently occurring over the Baltic Sea, for example sea breezes and low-level jets, and these features are important to take into consideration for wind power production. In my work, I characterized these winds and created tools to identify and predict them as well as investigating different post-processing methods to improve power production forecasts for offshore wind turbines.


Welcome to the team Christoffer!