We are very pleased to introduce you to our new colleague Sigurd Yngvar Ekern who joined the Kjeller Vindteknikk team this spring!

Sigurd has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics, with additional courses in programming. He will mainly be working with our advanced computer systems used for collecting, monitoring, processing our valuable data. He will be stationed at our Norwegian office in Lillestrøm.

What brought you to Kjeller Vindteknikk?

-I wanted to gain experience with computers and the lifecycle of data, so the role as a data engineer seemed like the perfect fit. I liked how the web sites presented the workplace, and it gave me an impression of a serious company who takes good care of their employees. In addition, the industry and type of data seemed interesting to work with.

What are your expectations towards working in Kjeller Vindteknikk?

-I wanted and expected challenges. I want to learn about our complex computer system used to collect and process the important data.

What are your experiences after a few weeks in the company?

-It is a very relaxing atmosphere, which support delivering on a high quality. I feel very welcome in the company!