Kjeller Vindteknikk introduces MetLive, an online web service where clients can watch their ongoing measurement campaigns in real time. The picture shows a presentation of wind speed, wind direction and temperature from an ongoing measurement campaign operated by Kjeller Vindteknikk. The dashboard is available for the customer via secure login at live.vindteknikk.no.

“With this service, one can quickly get an overview of all measurement stations at a glance”, says Finn Nyhammer who is co-founder and Product Development Manager at Kjeller Vindteknikk. “This has several advantages for the client. First, any problems with the equipment will be easily spotted, and since all measurement stations can be presented in one dashboard, they can all be reviewed at once. Severe events, such as strong wind gusts, can be noticed quickly and actions can be taken accordingly. The modular format of the presentation page also makes it well suited for an “always on” monitor in a control room.”

MetLive currently supports real time view of met masts that are operated by Kjeller Vindteknikk. The system can be extended to also include historical or forecast data from an atmospheric model such as KVTMeso – the atmospheric model that Kjeller Vindteknikk operates.

“With 20 years of experience in installing and operating met masts and lidars, analysing measurements and running atmospheric models on supercomputers and much more, we know how to get the data all the way through”, says Martin S. Grønsleth, PhD at Kjeller Vindteknikk. “The data at MetLive is updated every 10 seconds, and for that to work at all levels, it is an advantage with in-house expertise ranging from programming of loggers to deployment of cloud services. We will also listen to our clients, and make tailor made dashboards according to their needs – with the basic dashboard in operation now, the time from idea to product doesn’t need to be long”, he adds.