We are presenting our latest wind energy results at WindEurope 2022 conference during 5-7th of April:

  • Validation of energy yield assessments in Nordics (oral presentation)
  • Forecasting of icing impacts on energy production and safety (poster)
  • Lidar measurements: Lessons learnt from wind measurements in complex terrain (poster)

Our oral presentation will focus comparison of operational production and pre-construction energy yield assessments (EYAs) for 12 wind farms in Nordics and benefits of turbine specific power curve method compared to typical wind farm monthly method for EYA validation purposes.

Our icing forecasting poster presents how operational SCADA data can be used to tune short-term ensemble icing forecasts for energy production and safety use cases for wind farms.

The lessons learnt poster summarizes our lidar measurement campaign experience from last 15 years using vertical profiling as well as scanning lidars in demanding Nordic climate conditions for various use cases from wind farms to airports and bridges.

Please join and visit us at the conference, we are always happy to answer your questions!