On June 20th starts the bi-annual, world-leading international science conference “IWAIS – International Workshop on Atmospheric Icing of Structures”. Kjeller Vindteknikk has 4 presentations, and for each presentation, a peer-reviewed article is published.

  1. Sigbjørn Grini: “Combining Ensemble Icing Forecasts with Real-Time Measurements for Power Line and Wind Turbine Applications
  2. Emilie Iversen: “Future changes of atmospheric icing in Norway
  3. Bjørn Egil Nygaard: “Development of Ice Load Maps for Structural Design
  4. Anne Mette Nodeland: “Risk of ice throw from wind turbines validated with data from field measurements using drones

We have also cooperated on an article with Efla Consulting Engineers:

  • Egil Thorsteins: “Wet snow icing modeling and comparison with field data”

See https://www.mcgill.ca/iwais2022/ for more info!