Statkraft Wind Farms

Developing wind farms since early 2000
Wind power is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. Statkraft has developed onshore wind power for around 20 years and is the leading producer in Northern Europe. In 2020, Statkraft owns more than 20 wind farms resulting to around 1.6 GW in total capacity producing 4 TWh of green electricity annually. Statkraft’s ambition is to develop 6 GW of wind power by 2025.

Need for a wide range of expertise
In order to develop and optimize their wind business further, Statkraft has used Kjeller Vindteknikk’s expertise regarding analysis of operational wind farms, wind resource and ice modelling know-how as well as turn-key wind measurement solutions since 1998.
Statkraft and Kjeller Vindteknikk have also cooperated in several R&D projects. The most recent R&D project started in 2020 where Statkraft has a central role in developing new and better tools to forecast the risk for ice throw from wind turbines.


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September 4, 2020