Kjeller Vindteknikk offers services for the installation and operation of met masts as well as remote sensing devices that may be used to measure the wind conditions at sites potentially suitable to wind power development. We have long experience and high expertise in the deployment of wind measurements in cold climates, making us one of the leading companies in this field in Scandinavia.

In addition to wind measurements, we offer services on the monitoring and analysis of wind measurements, including a variety of analysis adapted to specific development stages of a wind power project. These include the production of wind resource and icing maps, the conduction of preliminary analysis, and the providence of due-diligence assessments, among others. We also offer services adapted to the post-construction phase, when the wind farm is operational. These include the active follow-up of the production, the performance analysis of anti/de-icing systems, and due diligence assessments on the production of operational wind farms.

Kjeller Vindteknikk also provides services related to other civil engineering projects, such as analyses of relevance for urban planning, construction of bridges and airports, and design of power lines and telecommunication masts.

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