Nacelle mounted remote sensing

The conventional solution for wind measurements on wind turbines are nacelle anemometry located behind the rotor. These measurements will be exposed to the wake effects of the rotor and the flow disturbance caused by the nacelle. The application of remote sensing devices (RSD) will eliminate the wake and disturbance effects and measure the wind more accurately. One type of remote sensing device is nacelle mounted lidars.


Main Features:


  • Measurements upwind of the turbine rotor
  • At ranges up to 440 meters
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Ease of data access

Application areas:


  • Static yaw error correction (see picture below)
  • Sector management: Turbulence and wake detection
  • Power curve evaluation
  • Nacelle transfer function (NTF) evaluation (nacelle anemometry recalibration)

Kjeller Vindteknikk provides various services for the measurements with Nacelle LIDARs:


  • Installation, monitoring & servicing
  • Site and turbine selection
  • Data follow up and quality control checks
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Numerical simulations for flow correction at complex terrain sites


Kjeller Vindteknikk (KVT) offers rental of nacelle mounted LIDAR. KVT has experience with Avent Lidar Technology’s Wind Iris and ZephIR Lidar’s ZephIR DM. KVT provides services for the nacelle mounted LIDARs rented or owned by customers.



For further information regarding remote sensing, please contact:


Erik Nordborg  +46 703 10 57 37
Finn K. Nyhammer  +47 951 17 246