Met masts


Kjeller Vindteknikk delivers and installs equipment for wind measurements in different types of masts, depending on terrain and climatic conditions. We have experience from more than 200 measurement stations in Norway and Sweden, and also from several projects outside Scandinavia, from Svalbard in the north to Antarctica in south. We install tubular- and lattice masts, and also make installations in existing telecom masts. To ensure a minimum of influence by surrounding structures it is recommended to use masts specifically designed for wind measurements.


The choice of met mast depends on climatic factors such as icing and extreme wind speed, and also on the considered measurement height. Tubular masts are mainly delivered in heights 50 m, 60 m, and 80 m. Lattice masts may be built at various heights depending on the needs. Today, we have built met masts up to 140 m high. Measurements in taller towers are however possible.


Our field group has long experience from building and installing met masts, and from installing and operating wind measurement equipment. We highly prioritize HES and our personnel are skilled and certified mast climbers.


Erection of 68 meter high lattice mast with the assistance of a mobile crane. The lift took three hours.


For further information on met mast installations and wind measurements, please contact:


Erik Nordborg       +46 (0) 703 10 57 37

Finn K. Nyhammer    +47 951 17 246