Icing measurements


For wind farms in cold climates, production losses due to icing may increase the uncertainty for the wind energy yield. For locations where icing is expected, installation of ice detectors is recommended in addition to regular site measurements. Various ice detection methods are suitable for different climates and for different purposes. Choosing the most suitable instrument for the site and purpose is therefore crucial. In a pre-construction measurement phase we recommend the combination of two different measurement systems to be able to quantify both duration and quantity of icing. Regardless of instrument type, the uncertainty of ice measurement is higher than for wind measurement. As the icing may be visually observed, it is valuable to combine the ice measurement sensors with camera observations.


Kjeller Vindteknikk has many years of experience with measurements of ice with a variety of sensor types. Choosing Kjeller Vindteknikk to perform your icing measurements will increase the probability for a successful measurement program.


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