Wind resource mapping


Depending on the size of the area and the complexity of the terrain we use different simulations tools for calculating a wind resource map. When measurements are not available, results from the WRF model are used; otherwise wind measurements are used as input in the calculation. The wind resource maps can be calculated for several heights above ground. The height for calculation will depend on the planned hub height of the wind farm.


For calculation of wind resource maps in relatively small areas we use the models WAsP and/or WindSim. The selection of the model depends on the extension and the complexity of the area. In addition to a wind resource map WindSim calculates the variation in background turbulence intensity. These results can be useful for wind resource mapping in complex terrain. Variation in turbulence intensity is not a result from the WAsP model, but for terrain classified as not complex the calculations done in WAsP are normally considered to be sufficient. WAsP is a computation efficient model, making it possible to calculate the wind resources in a relatively large area in relatively short time. WAsP Engineering can be exploited as a supplement to WAsP to calculate turbulence induced by terrain roughness.


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