Preliminary analysis


A preliminary assessment of the expected energy production of a wind farm may be conducted at an early stage of the development of a wind power project based on a short measurement period, typically six months. The preliminary production analysis conducted by Kjeller Vindteknikk has the same structure as a final analysis and is based on the same methodologies. It typically includes layout optimization and the production estimate for different turbine models. However, the energy assessment is by default performed in a simplified manner in a preliminary analysis as compared to in a final analysis, meaning by this that the different issues of the analysis are handled with sufficient detail in order to guarantee reliable results, but without further efforts in order to deepen their understanding. For this reason, and since the timeframe of the measurements analyzed in a preliminary assessment is typically rather short, the uncertainty in the energy production estimate performed in a preliminary study is greater than in a final study. A preliminary analysis is best suited as a basis for internal decisions, but not for financing.


The results are presented in a report subject to a comprehensive quality control according to our quality assessment system. The report may be written in Norwegian, Swedish or English, and can be completed with an oral presentation of the results.


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