At the first stage of the development of a wind power project, a pre-analysis of the expected energy production of a wind farm may be conducted based on modeled wind data instead of wind measurements. Kjeller Vindteknikk conducts pre-analysis of sites potentially suitable to wind power development based on wind data modeled using the WRF (Weather Research and Forecast) model. The modeled wind data has a spatial resolution down to 333 meter and a temporal resolution of one hour and is used to describe the wind conditions at the site. This data is extrapolated to the wind farm area by combining the WRF and the WAsP models. Note that a pre-analysis may be used as basis for internal decisions but not for financing, since the uncertainty level in the estimated production is relatively high. On-site wind measurements should be conducted in order to reduce the uncertainty, and therefore bring the project to a bankability level.


The results are presented in a report subject to a comprehensive quality control according to our quality assessment system. The report may be written in Norwegian, Swedish or English, and can be completed with an oral presentation of the results if wished.


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