Icing map

Extract from icing atlas produced for entire Norway. The different colors signify hours with active icing. 


Kjeller Vindteknikk has produced icing maps covering the Finnish, Swedish and the Norwegian territories that are publicly available. The icing maps have 50 m horizontal resolution and show the number of hours with active icing conditions during a normal year, giving a good indication of which areas are most exposed to icing. The icing maps are an important tool for wind power prospecting, in the planning of wind measurment campaigns, and in the assessment of expected production losses associated to icing of the blades.


KVTs icing maps are freely available for download as a high resolution pdf document through the following links:


Icing map for Finland

Icing map for Sweden

Icing map for Norway


The maps are available for purchase in GIS-format.


The icing maps are generated based on temperature and humidity parameters from WRF simulations with 1 km horizontal resolution. These data, together with terrain data with 50 m resolution are used as input variables to a local icing model, which is solved with a 50 m resolution for the whole Finland, Sweden and Norway. The local icing model, which is developed by Kjeller Vindteknikk, is based on the ISO-standard “Atmospheric Icing of Structures” (ISO12494). Comparisons with measurements of icing in Sweden and Norway shows that the model well describes the periods of icing.


For potential wind farms Kjeller Vindteknikk also offers more detailed icing analysis.


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