WindFarmSimulator - WFS


In order to analyze historical production and to plan future production and operation, it is beneficial to have an analytical tool that operates in the time domain. In the time domain such a tool can utilize all relevant climatic parameters on a time series basis. By the use of time series the production can be analyzed, optimized and planned thoroughly such that losses are minimized.


WFS is used to model the power output of individual turbines for individual time steps and show the difference between actual and potensial production.  



WFS is a software which simulates the detailed behavior and production of all individual turbines in a wind farm on an hourly basis. It uses time series of site specific climatic conditions such as wind, icing, air density, temperature and stability as input. This can be used for historical analysis, forecasts and planning purposes. WFS simulates the direct wake effects between turbines in the time domain, and can thereby be used for sector management and de-rating. It is also possible to evaluate production losses due to turbine standstill . WFS makes it possible to calcu-late the energy based availability in a new way.


       Observed production Simulated production from WFS


The video shows the observed park production and simulated park production in WFS per turbine. It shows the variation of individual turbine power over one week in 10-minutes intervals. 


For further information about WFS at Kjeller Vindteknikk, please contact:


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