An active follow-up of the production of a wind farm is essential in order to evaluate how the wind farm performs.


ProdOptimize is a tool that includes analysis and measurements to be used for the follow-up of energy production of your wind farm, find errors in individual wind turbines’ performance and investigate possible optimization needs. The results may be used in the re-assessment of the wind farm’s expected production, and as a basis for the definition of optimization measures. An optimized performance will result in an increase in the return of investment.



ProdOptimize includes the following three main features:


Evaluate wind farm operation (supported by KVTMeso, KVT’s Wind Index and Production analysis/Due diligence)

  • Analyse wind conditions & operational data
  • Categorize & quantify losses (e.g. wake and icing losses)
  • Compare power production performance of wind turbines (including terrain effects)
  • Identify causes for losses & define performance optimization needs

Measurements (supported by wind, icing and power curve measurements)

  • Wind measurements with ground based & nacelle mounted remote sensing devices
  • Icing measurements
  • Power curve evaluation
  • Alignment of turbine yaw
  • Recalibration of nacelle anemometry

Continuous monitoring & optimization (supported by production and icing forecast, Prodbase, production analysis/due diligence, Wind Farm Simulator (WFS))

  • Post-construction wind resource assessment
  • Reduce uncertainties
  • Refinancing of current projects
  • Feedback for future development and repowering projects

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