Wind power


A wind power project requires a variety of assessment studies during its development. Kjeller Vindteknikk provides high quality analyses adapted to the specific needs of your wind project.


We have produced a wind resource and an icing map covering Norway and Sweden useful for prospecting purposes. We offer continuous long term correction analysis of your on-going wind measurements, as well as preliminary energy assessments based on short measurement periods, which will increase the knowledge of your project portfolio. Kjeller Vindteknikk also provides due diligence assessments of wind projects on behalf of developers, banks and private equity institutions. Due to our long experience and expertise in the assessment of wind projects in Norway and Sweden, we are well recognized by banks and investors investing in Scandinavia.


In addition to pre-construction analyses, we also work with post-construction assessments, ranging from the analysis of operational wind farms to the evaluation of de-icing systems. Our expertise covers the entire lifecycle of a wind project.