A mean wind speed map based on KVTMeso. The horizontal resolution of the map is 333 x 333 meter


In many situations it is important to have access to high quality metrological data. Data from metrological stations do not always give representative data if they are located a distance from the area in need of data. Especially in countries such as Norway, where mountains and fjords can create big local variation in the metrological conditions. Kjeller Vindteknikk has developed KVTMeso which is a database with metrological meso-scale data for the whole of Europe.  KVTMeso can calculate local metrological conditions and gives hourly values for a large amount of metrological parameters for a period of 15 years or more.


Potential areas of use for KVTMeso are within wind power for pre-analysis to estimate the wind recourse, long term correction of measurement series or climate analysis.


KVTMeso can also be used to plan offshore operations, generate climate statistics for dimensioning of power lines or building weather sensitive infrastructure such as bridges or airports.


For more information about KVTMeso, please contact


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